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North Carolina auto insurance requires North Carolina Statea minimum coverage of 30/60/25. In 1957 North Carolina became one of the first states in the nation to require a compulsory insurance law, due to the large number of uninsured motorists on its highways. This is known as the Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act. This legislation requires that motor vehicles which are registered in North Carolina carry a minimum insurance coverage, and that that insurance coverage must remain in continuous effect until the registration comes to an end.

North Carolina auto insurance companies are required to notify the Division of Motor Vehicles when one of their policy holders cancels or fails to renew their auto insurance. When that occurs, the DMV will mail to your last known address a Recertification of Liability Insurance Coverage form, the FS 5-7 Notice. Failure to fill out this form and return it to the DMV can result in not only a fine, but suspension of your driving privileges. It is important for the driving public of North Carolina to maintain their current mailing addresses with the DMV, so that such notifications may be received in a timely manner, and avoid any delays in responding to such inquiries. Failing to respond within 10 days of the inquiry can result in fines and suspensions.

If you have not had a lapse of insurance coverage, you will fill out the FS 5-7 Notice with the appropriate information and return it within 10 days to retain your license plate. Due to the large number of insurance lapses, as of July 1, 2008 civil penalties are being assessed based on prior lapses. The fine for the first lapse is $50.00. For the second lapse the fine is $100.00 and for the third lapse is $150.00. Failure to respond within the time allowed, will result in the suspension of your driving privileges for 30 days, and the loss of your license plate.

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To relicense, you will need to show proof of insurance by filling out the FS-1 form, which can be found at your North Carolina auto insurance agents office. If you are going to put your vehicle in storage, and suspend insurance on it, you will need to return the license plates to your nearest DMV office.

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